Food grade disposable gloves
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Food grade disposable gloves

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     1. Name: Food-grade disposable gloves

    2. Specifications: XS/S/M/L/XL box :100 pairs/box (can be customized)

    3. Scope of application:Food processing and kitchen preparation, Housework, efectronic, chemical, aquaie, glass, food, scieritie research and other industries widely used in seiconductors.precsion insta lation of dense electranie,originals and instruments and operation of sfcky metal utensis,

    4. Product characteristics: oil resistance, detergent resistance. Performance: soft, comfortable to wear, fully fit the hand

    5.Product advantages: Food-grade disposable gloves are mainly used in, ink printing, medicine, health, beauty salons, food processing and other operating industries, which are indispensable for hand protection and cross-infection prevention

    6. Product features: This product is mainly to prevent staff from sweating, dust caused by the product pollution and also to avoid fingernail scratches on the product! The series of products are widely used in hospital examination nursing first aid, microelectronics, computers, communications, semiconductor assembly. Precision components and biomedicine and other industries use! It can also be used for household cleaning.

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