Food factories should be equipped with such work gloves.
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Food factories should be equipped with such work gloves.

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    Food enterprises in the processing and production, the staff naked hand operation will inevitably appear careless hand injury, hand bacteria, mold, yeast exceed the standard and other problems, will not only bring physical harm to workers, but also pollute the food, resulting in food safety and quality unqualified. In addition, even if gloves are used in food processing, the ingredients can be transferred to food if they come into contact with food directly or indirectly. Therefore, the gloves used by food companies must meet the standards.

    1. International requirements

Internationally, FDA controls most products that come into contact with food mainly through the Food Additive Declaration Process (FAP). If a food additive or food-contact material is approved for use under the FAP process, the material is entered into the appropriate regulations in CFR 21PARTS 170-189 of the US FDA.     Manufacturers shall produce qualified products and materials that come into contact with food in strict accordance with FDA food grade regulations.

    2. China's requirements

    The current domestic standard is GB4806.11-2016, and the rubber materials and products used for food contact must meet the provisions of the food contact materials and products in the national standards for food safety.

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