Encyclopedia of Rubber Gloves:Natural Rubber Gloves
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Encyclopedia of Rubber Gloves:Natural Rubber Gloves

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Natural Rubber Gloves

The origin of natural rubber

    Rubber trees are native to the Amazon river basin in Brazil,because the trees were cut after Liverpool will flow out milky juice, so the natives called rubber "tears tree". Later, local people made it into water containers, rubber balls and other rubber products.

    With the rapid development of the world economy, the use of natural rubber is gradually extensive,and gradually in the medical field unique,favored,popular and well known as a medical gloves.


The making of natural rubber gloves

    Natural rubber  gloves also is we often say latex gloves.But does not mean that 100% natural rubber gloves made from natural latex gloves.

    Natural latex after exposed to the air, if not add processing, will gradually hardening, the formation of dry rubber.

    Liquid latex has been treated as the main raw material,on this basis, add water,vulcanizing agent,curing agent and so on additive.After hand mold dipping, drying, subsequent processing, and finally removing the gloves from the hand mold,  is our most familiar natural rubber gloves.


The characteristics of the natural rubber gloves

    The characteristics of natural rubber gloves make them popular in the medical field. Most of the most common examination gloves and surgical gloves in hospitals are natural rubber gloves made of latex.

    Rubber gloves can effectively isolate microorganisms, can prevent skin and saliva, blood, mucous membrane direct contact, not only can protect medical staff to prevent infection of blood-borne pathogens; It can also prevent cross infection between patients and medical staff, patients and patients.


Natural latex gloves


Resistance to tear strength ★★★★★

Comfortable and fit ★★★★

Resistance to probe puncture ★★★

Tactile sensitivity ★★★★

Automatic restoration ★★★★★

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