Do you know what the standards are for food-grade gloves?
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Do you know what the standards are for food-grade gloves?

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    With the improvement of living standards, people are no longer food itself to the requirement of food, enjoy food experience the same attention so a lot of people or hotel, grill, can enjoy the experience of the use of disposable gloves to improve food and is has the certain requirement for such gloves, it is often said of food grade gloves. Let's take a look at the criteria.


    1, in line with international standards

    Disposable gloves tested according to SGS Food national standards are the entry threshold for food grade gloves, which can be directly exposed to food.


    2, color to distinguish, easy to manage

   Blue disposable nitrile gloves are preferred. Blue is a food safe color and is easier to identify when food is mixed with glove fragments. At the same time, the convenience food processing industry personnel to supervise the process, greatly improving the safety of food production.


    3, oil resistance

    Some meat processing enterprises, grease, pollution hand is difficult to clean. Disposable nitrile gloves have good oil resistance, excellent permeability resistance, and can effectively block grease.


    4. Puncture resistance

    Workers in the food processing industry inevitably come into contact with sharp tools. Disposable gloves have good puncture resistance and can protect employees' hands to a certain extent. But for more dangerous ones, such as large meat cutters, cut-proof gloves are recommended.

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