Do you know the shelf life of disposable gloves?
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Do you know the shelf life of disposable gloves?

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    It seems that everything has an expiration date, whether it's milk, masks, cosmetics, gloves are no exception. Today, let's talk about expiration dates for gloves.

    Careful friends may find that the shelf life of gloves is the same, there are two years, three years, and five years...So, what is the shelf life of gloves?

    The shelf life of gloves gloves refers to the normal function of time.

    Although this time has long have short, but all have certain basis are generally in accordance with the relevant standards,The shelf life of gloves was evaluated by testing the breaking force and elongation before and after aging.


    Gloves within the shelf life should also be stored in accordance with the product storage rules. To avoid direct sunlight, avoid storing in a hot and humid environment above 38 degrees Celsius, so as to avoid deterioration of gloves during the shelf life. There is also concern over whether expired gloves can be used. Of course not. Although diligence and frugality is our good moral character, but after the period of gloves, may appear aging phenomenon, such as breaking force and elongation will be correspondingly weakened, its protection ability can not be guaranteed.

    In short, the shelf life of gloves is not just a small number so simple, there can be more knowledge here ~

    Be sure to store gloves properly at ordinary times, so as to make the best use of everything and become a good helper in your work and life.

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