Do you know the production process of disposable gloves?
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Do you know the production process of disposable gloves?

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    Disposable TPE gloves have the actual effect of oil resistance, the key is used in processing plants, oil and gas fields, auto repair factories, etc. Disposable TPE gloves have no natural latex protein, so it is not easy to cause allergic symptoms, in addition, it has the characteristics of anti-static, anti-aging and acid and alkali resistance, the modeling design of gloves based on the shape of the body and hand design, with great coordination. Excellent Lachen properties and puncture resistance, high tensile strength and wear resistance.

    Compared with disposable gloves made of common materials, disposable TPE gloves have the following advantages:

    1. Moisture-proof and oil-resistant, acid and alkaline resistant, germ resistant, non-toxic and odorless, environmental health and environmental protection;

    2. Excellent UV resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance, more comfortable than the general PE gloves application touch;

   3. Good light transmittance, ductility, fine embossion, no sting, soft touch, no slip;

    4. It is very easy to wear, good adhesion, and it is softer to make a clenched fist.

    5. No natural latex mattress ingredients, no allergic symptoms to the body and skin, not easy to split, full of malleability;

    6. Strong and durable, some industries can replace natural latex gloves, cheap, recyclable and recycled.

    The production process of TPE gloves is as follows:

    1) Make the glove dense square mixture into a mixed plastic film;

    2) Put the double layer mixed plastic film on parallel surface to produce glove raw material film;

    3) Warm the glove raw material film along the preset path, and the heating temperature is equal to or higher than the dissolution temperature of the glove raw material film;

    4) Pressure is applied on the preset path to make the double layer of the plastic film of the mixture material in the glove material film fuse into one body along the part of the immediate connection in the preset path;

5) Part of the fused track is separated from the glove material film and opened at the wrist of the preset track to produce disposable gloves.

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