Do you know the misunderstanding of disposable gloves?
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Do you know the misunderstanding of disposable gloves?

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    Many people know that wearing disposable gloves can play a role in protecting their hands, but perhaps do not know that the original wearing disposable gloves is also exquisite, if not enough to understand it, may cause certain safety risks to the actual use.

    Myth 1: Put on gloves and you're safe

    While disposable gloves are great for our lives and work, they don't do everything. For example, latex gloves are flexible, comfortable, and can be used in many situations, but they are only suitable for splash protection in the laboratory, not as "chemical protection gloves".

    The same goes for gloves made of other materials. While there are many advantages, there are also disadvantages. Therefore, before using disposable gloves, it is important to know what to do with them so as to maximize their benefits.

    Myth 2: After wearing gloves, you can not wash your hands

    Wearing disposable gloves is no substitute for washing hands. This is because the standard allows a certain amount of defective gloves, such as gloves with pinholes. If you use disposable gloves that happen to have pinholes in them, something harmful from the environment could get in and stick to your hands. Another possibility is bacterial growth.

    After wearing disposable gloves, hands are kept warm and closed. For a long time, bacteria on hands will increase with the increase of time and body fluids. In addition, it is easy for hands to come into contact with contaminants on gloves during the process of removing gloves, so it is necessary to clean hands promptly after removing gloves.

    Myth 3: Disposable gloves can be reused

    Many people like to reuse disposable gloves and think it's a shame to throw away "good" gloves, but this perception is not advisable. This is because disposable gloves after use may become thin, brittle, or even have invisible "holes", which makes gloves have lost their original protective ability, so it is not recommended to reuse disposable gloves.

    If you have some misunderstanding of disposable gloves in the past because you do not understand them, then it is still too late to adjust them in time. I hope that today's sharing can help you, and I also hope that disposable gloves can make your life more and more beautiful.

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