Do you know anything about latex gloves?
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Do you know anything about latex gloves?

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    Latex gloves are different from ordinary gloves, made of latex gloves, can be used in daily life, industry, medical, beauty and other industries, is a kind of necessary hand protection equipment. Latex gloves made of natural latex and other fine auxiliaries are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, medical treatment and daily life after special surface treatment and comfortable wearing.

    There are many kinds of latex gloves, according to the raw materials can be divided into smooth latex gloves, hemp latex gloves, striped latex gloves, bright latex gloves and powder free latex gloves five kinds; According to the use can be divided into disposable latex gloves, household latex gloves, industrial latex gloves, medical latex gloves four kinds.

    The characteristics of latex gloves are: wear resistance, puncture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, grease, fuel and a variety of solvents, oil proof effect is good, non-slip, widely used in medical, beauty, precision electronics and other fields.

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