Do nitrile gloves smell bad?
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Do nitrile gloves smell bad?

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    Disposable gloves have long become an essential supplies, mainly because it is very convenient and fast under the circumstances of use, but also very clean. Do nitrile gloves smell bad?

    In the beginning, nitrile gloves have a very good maintenance effect on strong oxidants, gasoline, etc. In addition, as a disposable glove, it does not have a taste, no harm, and in the manufacturing stage of the use of low sensitivity of professional, can effectively reduce the use of disposable gloves caused by allergy problems.

    This is because the raw material used in these gloves is nitrile, which is a converted raw material, unlike gloves made from natural rubber, which contain allergenic proteins that many people with latex allergies cannot use. And according to the continuous improvement of the planting process and production process, nitrile gloves are more soft, more obedient to the skin of the arm, wearing it will not harm the normal operation of the arm.


    Nitrile gloves in the design and production of the situation, is completely based on the human hand, and it also has a good professional ability to remove and anti-static, compared with traditional rubber gloves, can quickly resist aging, the use of time will be longer.

    In addition, its alertness and lengthening effect is also expected to be very good, and it has reasonable endurance in the wearing link. Even if it is worn for a long time, there will not be a feeling of tension, and it is not easy to immediately harm the normal blood night circulation of the arm.

    In addition to the advantages mentioned above, because the color of nitrile rubber gloves is added in the production of raw materials, so it is not easy to fade in the selection stage of gloves.

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