Disposable nitrile gloves are a good helper for life
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Disposable nitrile gloves are a good helper for life

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    In daily life, in many cases, we need to wear disposable nitrile gloves. Only good daily hygiene habits can be regarded as a required course for hands and physical and mental health care. Household cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, gardening, flowers, food industry, can be used everywhere, is essential to daily life.

    01. family cleaning, moisture-proof oil resistance, love hands

    Moisture absorption permeability is not easy to deformation, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, so that hands free from oil stains, prevent direct contact with daily chemical products, cleaning at the same time, care for hands.

    02. Restaurant kitchen operation with ease

    Soft and easy to stretch, very malleable and not easy to break, easy to operate, daily food industry, cleaning fruits, vegetables, fresh fruits, daily cleaning.

    03. food grade can directly contact with food ingredients

    No powder, no toxicity, no odor, in line with the national industry standards, can be used in the food industry, direct contact with food, finger surface ground anti-skid, restaurant kitchen gourmet seafood processing.

    04. do not stick hands do not smoke protection oil stains

    Thin and thick fit, catered to the arm, easy to cook delicacies. Take oily food class, inconvenient hand washing disinfection when repast, can be applied. No stick hands and no smoke, easy to use and throw away, convenient environmental health.

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