Disposable latex gloves or Ding Qing gloves good?(2)
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Disposable latex gloves or Ding Qing gloves good?(2)

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Both latex and nitrile gloves are soluble, easy to solve and good for the environment.

    Puncture resistance

    Latex gloves are slightly less ductile and wear resistant than nitrile gloves. Nitrile gloves are three to five times more resistant to puncture than latex. For dentists who need to use sharp specialized tools, durable nitrile gloves create a natural barrier of safety during contact with patients.


    Latex gloves are soft and wear resistant, and have better ductility than nitrile gloves.

    Catered hand

    Because the nitrile gloves come with a single butadiene, they can be turned into a flexible rubber, which gives the wearer good tactile sensitivity. In addition, the catering hand is due to its excellent heat transfer property, which demonstrates excellent coordination, which is especially critical for medical professionals or those who actually work with small parts or specialized tools.


    Nitrile gloves cost more than latex because nitrile rubber has better solvent and corrosion resistance than latex.


    Nitrile rubber raw materials can be added color printing, the color is gorgeous. It can relieve the anxiety of the patient. In addition, nitrile gloves have certain anti-static characteristics due to their non-silicon composition, low surface organic chemical residue, low positive ion composition, small particulate matter composition, suitable for harsh clean room natural environment.

    The above is GUSIIE Xiaobian for you to provide about "disposable gloves latex or butyl good disposable latex gloves and nitrile gloves which is good" content introduction, these two gloves have their own advantages, can fill each other's shortcomings, you can combine their own situation and different needs to choose different gloves.

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