Disposable gloves have as many uses as they have thicknesses.
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Disposable gloves have as many uses as they have thicknesses.

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    Disposable gloves food grade new material PE raw materials production in line with the quality and health standards, after strict testing can directly contact the skin/food, oil resistant, lotion resistant strong polyethylene products, surface after embossing non-slip processing, can prevent adhesion slipper, dust, dirt, bacteria, non-toxic and tasteless, clean, affordable, durable and tough. Left and right hand universal, wide range of application, can be used dry home, food, hair color, factory protection.

    1. Disposable gloves Thin thickness for use (for hand mask, barbecue, deli, etc., such as snack bar).

    2. Disposable gloves with ordinary thickness are used in restaurants, baking, dentistry, coating, etc.

    3. Disposable gloves thickening thickness with dry (hair, clinic, experiment, housework, meal catties, stripping crab lobster, kneading noodles, and filling, cold dishes, do sushi, etc.).

    4. Dry disposable gloves with extra thick thickness (workshop, chemical industry, experiment, factory and other thickness pursuers).

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