Can you choose Vinyl gloves for processing fruits and vegetables?
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Can you choose Vinyl gloves for processing fruits and vegetables?

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    When processing fruits and vegetables, workers often face potential hazards such as chemicals, sharp objects and pollutants. Improper handling may lead to hand injury or food contamination, so they need to wear labor gloves.So can choose Vinyl gloves? Vinyl gloves are one of the most commonly used labor gloves. Are Vinyl gloves suitable for handling fruits and vegetables?


    First of all, when processing fruits and vegetables, the selection of gloves should consider the protective effect of these four aspects:

    1. Prevent tool cut, cut the hand;

    2. Block chemical reagents in detergent;

    3. Keep hands clean clean;

    4. Ensure food hygiene.


    Vinyl gloves can handle most of the basic tasks that require frequent glove changes, such as cleaning, selecting, serving and packaging. But not suitable for the following situations:

    Handle prickly or hard-shelled fruits and vegetables. Durian, pineapple, coconut and other foods have hard shells, and Vinyl gloves are easy to puncture, leaving hands unprotected.


    Therefore, Vinyl gloves can be used for the basic processing stage, but in the above two processing stages, it is recommended that you choose nitrile gloves or latex gloves, which can better protect your hands.

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