Can disposable nitrile gloves be used in the laboratory?
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Can disposable nitrile gloves be used in the laboratory?

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    The hands, especially the fingers, are the most severely injured parts of the chemistry lab. Proper selection and use of protective gloves is an important measure to prevent hand injury. Wearing gloves during chemical experiments can prevent skin contact with chemicals, but they must be used correctly for protection. Wear gloves when handling corrosive, toxic or unknown toxic substances, rough or sharp objects, very cold or hot materials, or operations that have the potential to explode. Because laboratories are stocked with hazardous chemicals and psychotropic narcotics that will harm the body, equipment and the natural environment, access to laboratories is not permitted without all normal standards of application.


    There is no glove to avoid all kinds of damage, and there is no glove to avoid the infiltration of all chemicals. Therefore, gloves should be selected to master the maintenance standard, actual main use and characteristics of gloves (that is, the thickness and protection standard of gloves), in order to clarify which protective gloves are not available under which conditions:

First of all, GUSIIE's disposable nitrile gloves can be used in the laboratory, but there are standards for extremely strong acids and bases, as the gloves are resistant only to the maximum concentration of 90 standards.

    Second, GUSIIE disposable nitrile gloves should be checked for defects such as discoloration, holes and cracks before use.

    Used gloves should be discarded, washed and reused or can be reused directly, depending on their contamination. When gloves are found to be damaged, they should be discarded and cleaned up first, and the skin is exposed to environmental pollution from the compounds that pass through the gloves, rather than wearing the gloves.

    Third, cold gloves worn when handling cryogenic liquids (such as liquid nitrogen) should be very loose, so that if cryogenic liquids enter the gloves can be quickly removed.

    When wearing gloves for other tasks, such as answering the phone, opening a door, operating an elevator, writing lab notes, etc., you should remove your gloves to avoid accidentally contaminating other objects with the chemicals on them and harming others. After the experiment, if the gloves are reusable and need to be taken elsewhere, they should be bagged so as not to contaminate other objects.

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