Both are disposable gloves. What's the difference between nitrile gloves?
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Both are disposable gloves. What's the difference between nitrile gloves?

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    For general people, disposable gloves are likely to have no difference to them, the material, thickness, color and so on are not the same no harm, in the case of use if it can have a protective role. But in fact, disposable gloves are not only protective, it also needs to fully consider different requirements. Like why nitrile gloves must be used in many places.

    In different office environments, the material, thickness and other provisions of disposable gloves are different. For example, in the professional production of processed meat, nitrile gloves are often used, which can be directly in contact with food. And under the standards of the study, because of the different gloves for different chemicals are not the same, such as nitrile hand-held intercom for benzoic acid, methyl tert-butyl ether and other drugs protective effect will be less, it should not be used. So it's the premise of disposable gloves or the difference.


    For everyone, safety is a very key thing, in some very likely to have accident hidden danger of the work of the application of color gloves are likely to have a certain warning effect, and a lot of gloves due to their own more color choice, so it is particularly suitable for this field selection application.

    Ultimately, according to their own interests to choose. Nitrile gloves have good flexibility and adaptability, and after the use of hyposensitivity technology, for these people will be allergic to rubber products skin, hyposensitivity nitrile rubber gloves are an effective choice.

    With the continuous expansion of the use of people, the types of protective gloves will become more and more detailed, the quality standards for equipment will be higher, and NBR gloves due to good characteristics and continuous improvement and progress of technology, will become more and more people's choice.

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