Black nitrile gloves.
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Black nitrile gloves.

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    Black nitrile gloves are high quality industrial grade gloves, which are widely used in all walks of life. It is 50% thicker than standard nitrile gloves.

    It is three times as durable as latex. This means the gloves are more durable and last longer, reducing the need for workers to replace them. Black nitrile gloves are powderless gloves. That is, they don't leave any residue for the painter or sealer. It has a longer shelf life because the powder-free process is not done by chlorine washing. Here are some other benefits of this premium glove:

    ●Chemical resistance

    The gloves are highly resistant to chemicals, such as iodine and butane. And it won't deform after being impregnated with gasoline. This makes this glove a Japanese

It's ideal for people who handle chemicals in their daily lives, and it's also a great choice for auto mechanics.

    Strong grip

    The "palm" design of this glove is as good as the "finger" design to provide good grip in both wet and dry conditions.

    Professional appearance

    The (unique) color of black nitrile gloves has one benefit: it can hide dirt, grease and dust so that workers have a clean, professional

Equipment for work.

Being one of the most professional suppliers of disposable gloves in China, we are devoted ourselves to the safe products and best service.



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