"Biodegradable Plastics" and "Compostable Plastics"
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"Biodegradable Plastics" and "Compostable Plastics"

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    "Biodegradable" and "compostable" are not the same concept. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. This article explains the differences between the two.

    What is "biodegradable"?

    Biodegradable refers to any substance that can be broken down and absorbed into the natural environment by microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi.

    Biodegradation is a naturally occurring process. When an object breaks down, its original components break down into simple components, like biomass, carbon dioxide, water. This process can be done with or without oxygen, but it takes less time with oxygen, just like a pile of leaves in your yard dissolves over the course of a season. How long biodegradation takes depends on the chemical composition of the object and how it is stored, with variables such as temperature, water, light and oxygen affecting the rate of degradation. Most landfills lack sunlight, air and water, so the biodegradation process slows significantly.

    Vegetable peels, eggshells, paper and garden waste all biodegrade directly. When these items are discarded, they break down in a relatively short period of time so they can be absorbed into the natural environment. In contrast, materials such as styrofoam, plastics and aluminum are generally considered non-biodegradable because they take a long time to break down. Figuring out if an object is really biodegradable can be challenging, especially when you evaluate objects that aren't usually made of biodegradable materials, like phone cases or tote bags. So, if you want to determine if something is biodegradable, check the packaging and don't hesitate to contact the manufacturer to ask. In other words, most "biodegradable" consumer products are actually difficult to absorb into the soil through natural biodegradation. In order to biodegrade, they need to create a specific set of conditions through the composting process.

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