6 Ways to properly wear latex examination gloves
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6 Ways to properly wear latex examination gloves

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    The correct way to wear latex gloves can prevent hand trauma and protect your hands, which is also a guarantee for your own personal safety.

    1. wear dry gloves hands first with talcum powder (or medical starch) a little, in order to wear gloves, the right hand hold the glove inside the fold, take out a pair of dry gloves, left hand first into the left glove, wearing gloves, the left hand into the right hand fold outside the ring, and then the right hand to start the set (wear the right glove first can also); Pull the folded part of the glove over the cuff so that the wrist is not exposed; Before wearing gloves, hands should not touch the outside of gloves. After wearing gloves, hands should not touch the skin. After cleaning the gloves with sterile saline, hands should not touch the talc before operating


    2. Wear wet gloves: Hand disinfection, while wet gloves, from sheng basin take wet gloves in a pair of gloves, water in the gloves, left hand after swiping set, slightly raised his left hand, let the outflow water along the wrist wear well, and then the left hand into impreaaion nip outside ring wear the right set of, raised his right hand, and make the water wrist outflow (wearing gloves can also be) right side first, wear gown, gloves reflex areas on the cuff, Do not expose wrist, conditional hospital is unfavorable to use this method commonly.

    3. Wearing double gloves can reduce the chances of the wearer being exposed to danger. If double gloves are needed in specific operations (such as chemotherapy, bone marrow puncture), loose gloves are needed so that one can be placed on top of the other.

    4. Replace gloves after contact with suspected contaminated areas or items of the same patient, and before contact with mucous membranes, gloves should be replaced. Before touching non-contaminants or handling other patients, remove gloves, wash hands or wash with disinfectant immediately, and avoid spreading microorganisms to other patients or objects.


    5. The longer the time of wearing gloves, the more easily the protective barrier is damaged. Use of gloves in harsh conditions or exposure to multiple chemicals can cause fatigue, so gloves should be replaced appropriately during operation. Gloves that are damaged or suspected to be contaminated during surgery should be replaced immediately.

    6. In the process of using gloves, the source of infection will pollute the outer surface of gloves. It is very important to remove gloves correctly. When removing gloves, the gloves should not be forced to pull, and the gloves should be flipped gently off. The wrong glove removal may lead to the spread of contaminants outside the glove, at this time, no matter how good the barrier function is meaningless.

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