Why nitrile gloves can be used as protective gloves?
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Why nitrile gloves can be used as protective gloves?

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    In the case of an epidemic, both personally and in public places need to be well protected. In the case of protection, disposable gloves are a kind of protective equipment often used. Most of them are nitrile gloves. What are the differences between these gloves and traditional disposable gloves? And why should nitrile gloves be selected as protective gloves?

    First from the production of data, nitrile gloves in the manufacturing of the application of nitrile as raw material, which is also the origin of its name.

    Nitrile is an artificial raw material, in the use of links in one of the most important characteristics is that it is impossible to have skin allergy problems.

In the manufacturing of nitrile, the color paste can be added, so that the glove itself will have color, so that it will not fade in the realization of the application. General gloves if you need to have a variety of colors, generally based on the successful completion of the color to do, in the process of adoption is very easy to fade the problem, in the field of food production using this kind of gloves will produce environmental pollution to food.

    Compared with gloves made of vulcanized rubber, nitrile gloves need better flexibility and plasticity than disposable gloves of this kind. At the same time there is a good corrosion resistance and other chemicals working ability, so its application range is very large. Due to the characteristics of the material, the compliance of nitrile gloves is stronger. After wearing, it will not directly affect the actual routine operation, and there will be no discomfort after wearing for a long time.

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