What is the main purpose of biodegradable plastic?
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What is the main purpose of biodegradable plastic?

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    Degradable plastics are generally divided into four categories: photodegradable plastics, biodegradable plastics, light and biodegradable plastics, and water-degradable plastics. With the development of modern biotechnology, biodegradable plastics have been paid more and more attention and become a hot spot in international research and development. Traditional plastics such as polyethylene have poor degradation performance and biocompatibility, resulting in serious "white pollution". Carbonyl biodegradable plastics can be defined as petroleum-based plastics containing degradable additives. At present, the fastest developing bio-based materials are bio-based plastics. This promising material is expected to replace traditional polymers in many applications. In recent years, the increasing shortage of oil resources leads to soaring prices of plastic raw materials. Especially with the strategy of sustainable development in people's hearts, the problem of coordinated development between plastic materials and environmental protection has become more and more prominent.


    Biodegradable plastics can only be used to make some sporting goods (fishing thread, golf tees, etc.), agricultural, forestry and water industry materials (films, moisturizing materials, seed bed materials, etc.), garbage bags and sanitary products (disposable diapers, etc.). Its new uses are extensive, such as cosmetic containers, toothbrushes, cushioning materials, packaging materials, shopping bags, disposable gloves and so on. If safety issues are resolved, it could also be used to make food containers. As a new polymer functional material, biodegradable plastics can also be applied to the free base packaging materials of fertilizers, pesticides and packaging products. In the future in adhesives, printing ink and other non-plastic fields can also be used.

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