What is hand hygiene?
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What is hand hygiene?

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People have become familiar with "hand hygiene" with the vigorous publicity of health science popularization.

Let's review the hand hygiene knowledge!

What is hand hygiene?

    For hand washing or hand disinfection process. Hand have visible pollutants, wash hands under running water with hand sanitizer (or soap); When there are no visible contaminants, wash hands or rub hands with hand disinfectant.

When you need to perform hand hygiene?

Hand hygiene should be performed in the following four situations:

(A)Before the cleaning operation, such as before eating, before processing food and drink, before touching mouth, nose and eyes, before nursing the elderly and infants, etc.

(B)After contamination operation,such as coughing sneezing and lay your hand upon your mouth and nose,after defecating,nursing the patients after,after touching money,contact with or handle all kinds of garbage and dirt.

(C)There are obvious contaminants in hands.

(D)During the epidemic of infectious diseases, after touching doorknobs, elevator buttons and other high-frequency contact surfaces.

The method of hand hygiene

1. Wash hands

Wet your hands fully under running water, apply proper amount of hand sanitizer (or soap) evenly to the whole palm, back of hand, fingers, nails and fingers, and rub your hands carefully according to the "seven-step washing technique" (as shown below) :


2.Hand disinfection

Apply appropriate amount of hand disinfectant (according to the product instructions, generally 1 mL ~ 2 mL) to the palm, rub both hands, evenly apply it to each part of the hand, rub and disinfect until dry. Hand disinfection quick-drying preferred hand disinfectant, alcohol allergy, can choose quaternary ammonium salt of alcohols, such as hand disinfectant, some is not sensitive to alcohol enterovirus epidemic period, should choose other effective hand disinfectant.

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