The secret of hand hygiene
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The secret of hand hygiene

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As the most direct human organ for people to contact with external things, hands are often vulnerable to external bacterial infection, which will not only directly affect their own health, but also indirectly lead to infection of others as a way of bacterial transmission.

What is hand hygiene?

Hand hygiene is a general term for all hand washing behavior, generally including hand washing, health disinfection and surgical hand disinfection.

Hand washing involves washing hands with soap (hand sanitizer) under running water to remove dirt, debris and some pathogenic bacteria from the skin of hands.

Health hand disinfection refers to rub your hands together with quick-drying hand disinfectant, to reduce the hand transient bacteria process.

Hand hygiene in the prevention of infection and why so important?

In hospitals, 90% of nosocomial infections are transmitted by contact, and hands are one of the main ways of pathogen transmission during medical activities.

According to the regulations of the state, the hands of bacterial colonies number per square centimeter less than 10 in order to be eligible, but medical staff for an operation both hands on the number of bacterial colonies could reach 50 or even 1000. If not wash their hands after operation is completed, the pathogen could contaminate the next patient.

Domestic scholars study found that to strengthen the hand hygiene and can make the surgical ICU ventilator associated pneumonia reduced to 17 from 27 ‰ per thousand, infant infection rate fell to 1.24% from 2.65%.


What is the role in the gloves in hand hygiene?

In the present, people are paying more and more attention to health issues. In order to reduce iatrogenic infections, people are paying more and more attention to hand hygiene protection. So wash your hands when in contact with the patient and wear gloves is very necessary.Wearing gloves can reduce hand contamination by 70 to 80 percent, helping to protect nursing staff and patients from infection to a certain extent.

What circumstance cleaning gloves should be worn?

Wear clean gloves when touching blood, body fluids, secretions, excreta, vomit and contaminated objects of patients.

What circumstance sterile gloves should be worn?

Sterile gloves should be worn when performing aseptic operations such as surgery and puncture and contacting damaged skin and mucous membrane of patients.

What circumstances shall not use gloves?

Touch of office supplies, medical instruments, and public facilities, gloves should be removed in time.


Requirements for use of gloves

Gloves should only be used as an adjunct to hand washing, not as a substitute.

Wash hands when removing gloves or changing gloves, and disinfect hands when necessary.

When the hands of medical staff are damaged, they should be protected with waterproof dressing before wearing gloves.

Don't wash your hands with gloves on, as the permeability of washed gloves increases and bacteria are more likely to enter the gloves.


At present, there are mainly two kinds of gloves used in medical examination: latex glovesand nitrile gloves. Latex gloves often cause human allergies because of their raw materials have proteogen, so nitrile gloves should be selected in the selection of medical examination gloves. Nitrile gloves also have different quality due to the different origin, the quality of nitrile gloves produced by Gusiie is more stability and excellence.

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