The origin of international Nurses day
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The origin of international Nurses day

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    "5.12" international nurses day is the common festival of nurses all over the world, is to commemorate the founder of modern nursing - British nurse Florence Nightingale (also known as "goddess of the lamp") and established.

    Florence Nightingale (May 12, 1820 -- August 13, 1910) was an English female nurse. In the Crimean War from 1854 to 1856, she led 38 nurses to the front to participate in the wounded and sick nursing work, the establishment of hospital administrator system, improve the quality of nursing, so that the death rate of the wounded and sick fell rapidly.


    In 1860, she founded the first nursing school in Britain in London, which made the nursing career gradually professional and scientific, and promoted the development of nursing work and nurse education in western European countries and around the world. Nightingale wrote a book on her Nursing experience, including Notes on Nursing.

    In 1912, the International Council of Nurses will nightingale's birth date - May 12 as the international nurses Day, to encourage the majority of nurses to inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of nursing career, with "love, patience, care, responsibility" to treat every patient, do a good job of nursing. Originally called "hospital day", also known as "Nightingale day", in China known as "international nurses Day". On this day, vigorously promote nursing work, encourage nurses to learn to heal the wounded and rescue the dying humanitarian spirit, has become a great event in the nursing world.

Guardians of health

    Injection, dressing change, measurement, recording......

    Nurses as the first line of the medical workers, not only a long way to go, but also to face the risk of infection.

    The first line of defense for nurses' safety is medical rubber gloves.pexels-nataliya-vaitkevich-8830479

Medical rubber gloves feature:

    Medical rubber gloves help isolate microorganisms and prevent direct contact between the skin and saliva, blood, and mucous membranes,not only can protect the medical personnel to prevent infection of blood-borne pathogens.Can reduce more between patients and medical staff, patients and patients with cross infection.

Primary standards for wearing medical gloves:

    Provide effective insulation performance, isolation blood-borne pathogens and harmful substances.

Research shows that:

●To prevent the spread of the virus, the barrier performance of gloves, latex gloves is better than vinyl gloves.

●Under the condition of using the failure rate of ethylene is more significant.

    According to the choice of medical gloves gloves standard -- the protective insulation performance, rubber gloves, especially natural latex gloves should be preferred.

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