The last line of defense for safety - industrial gloves
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The last line of defense for safety - industrial gloves

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    From machinery manufacturing, wood processing to various industries such as electronic parts, operators need to wear gloves.

    Gloves are a safety barrier in production, protecting workers' safety in the process of production, and auxiliary necessary protective equipment to avoid all kinds of accidents and occupational hazards.

① Build safe and effective barriers

    In the industrial production process, operators often come into contact with a variety of oil, light will give skin dyeing, heavy oil penetration of the skin, accumulate over a long period of time to produce potential disease.

    Wearing rubber gloves creates a safety barrier that keeps potentially dangerous chemicals out of your hands and into your skin.


② Prevent scratches on hands

    Operator's hand injury is very common in industrial production. Nitrile gloves with puncture resistance and tear resistance can form a good protective barrier between the hand and sharp objects, thus reducing the probability of stabbing and scratching.

③ Enhance catch grip strength

    For some of the industry, the contact with the oil industry, gloves that enhance grip strength are essential.Gloves, especially the pitted texture gloves, can greatly enhance the grip force, prevent parts, wrenches from falling off due to oil stains, improve operation efficiency.


④ Keep products clean

    Gloves, especially decontamination gloves, are extremely important in areas where there is a need to ensure strict minimization of contaminants and chemical particulates.Gloves not only protect the first line personnel, but also protect the production, packaging process, as well as in the laboratory, testing room, through both hands to touch and hold the product, to ensure the quality of the final product, meet the requirements of certification standards.

    Different industrial environments have different requirements for gloves, and even slight differences have a significant impact on product quality. Therefore, gloves should be selected according to the industrial industry.

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