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Rubber gloves: Lab safety - I know

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Friends who often stay in the laboratory must have had the experience of accidentally splashing liquid or solution on their hands when operating?

    Hand, especially fingers is the highest part in the experiment personnel injury rates. Experiments we often contact with all kinds of chemicals, such as corrosive acid, alkali solution,Strong chemical toxicity, etc,one careless will corrode the skin, light dry, peeling, tickling, or swelling, blisters and sores, appear even a scar! Visible gloves, its importance can not be ignored!

In the selection of laboratory gloves can be based on the following six factors:

One:Chemical types

Two:Limit temperature, low temperature characteristics

Three:PH value

Four:Physical hazards (sharp objects, piercing objects)


Six:Potential infectious biological hazards


Common laboratory gloves:


Special synthetic rubber gloves:

    On the basis of disposable rubber gloves not only increase the thickness, durability, some also have corresponding functions respectively.

It is more common in middle and high-end laboratories, and is suitable for most biological and chemical experiments, but it has poor protection performance for many ketones,aromatic compounds and halogen containing organic protective performance is poorer.



Laboratory use gloves to keep in mind the following :

According to the use of chemicals, wearing the correct gloves.

Check all gloves for breakage and loophole.

Please remove gloves before touching personal items (e.g. cell phone, computer, pen, clothes, chair, etc.).

Do not wear gloves leave the lab. Please replace the new gloves when using another instrument, so as to avoid cross contamination.

Throw used gloves into the appropriate container.

Disposable gloves are for single-use use only, and reuse not only fails to provide basic protection, but also increases the risk of contamination.

Reusable gloves must be washed after use to avoid chemical residue.

After remove the gloves, please be sure to wash your hands.

Being one of the most professional suppliers of disposable gloves in China, we are devoted ourselves to the safe products and best service.



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