Recommend the use of occasions medical gloves
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Recommend the use of occasions medical gloves

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Sterilizing gloves:

    All surgical procedures; Natural delivery; Radioactive interventional operation; Establishment of vascular access operations (central venous catheterization); Configure the intestinal nutrient solution and chemotherapy drugs.


Examination gloves:

    Possible contact with blood, body fluids, secretions, excreta and objects visibly contaminated with body fluids

    Direct contact: contact with blood; Contact with mucosal tissue and broken skin; Potentially highly contagious, high dangerous microbes; The outbreak or emergency situations; Intravenous injection; Blood drawing, venous catheter extubation; Gynecological examination; Non - closed sputum aspiration.

    Indirect contact: dumping of vomit; Handling (cleaning) equipment; Waste disposal; Clean up spilled body fluids.


Don't need to use the occasion of gloves (except contact protective measures):

    No exposure to blood, body fluids, or may cause pollution to the environment.

    Direct contact: blood pressure measurement; Take temperature or pulse; Subcutaneous and intramuscular injections; For patients to take a bath or dress; transshipment with Patients; Nursing ears eyes (not contact secretions); Venous catheter operation without bleeding.

    Indirect contact: use of the telephone; Writing cases; Distribution of oral drugs; Receive and send the patient's clothing and bedding; Placement of non-invasive ventilator and oxygen intubation; Move the equipment used by the patient.


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