Nitrile gloves can prevent slippery?
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Nitrile gloves can prevent slippery?

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    Disposable gloves are becoming more and more common in social life, whether in daily life, or security protection in work, everyone can see its shadow.A lot of people wear disposable gloves, will choose to prevent slippery surface,  then nitrile gloves non-slip?

    Most people's traditional impression of disposable gloves stays in the hands will appear very inconvenient after wearing gloves; Plus, the oil stains corrode and the grip is not as good as it used to be.Therefore, manufacturers of disposable gloves have made many improvements to meet the requirements of workers in different fields. For the lack of finger grip, the key to improve the following two points:

1.Gloves whole hemp

    Gloves whole hemp,It's just that the entire glove is marked with pockmarked lines. The advantages of that solution depend on greatly increasing the area of contact between gloves and objects, increasing the friction of sliding, and increasing the grip strength of the arm.

    Especially in the applicable industry or moving service company staff, they are in the delivery of super heavy equipment or large items of furniture, hand must be stable grasp force, prevent slipping, hit and other unexpected generation.


2.Finger hemp  

    Finger hemp,Gloves have a smooth surface,but in the finger tip has a unique pockmarked pattern design.Improve the finger catch grip strength, grab special tools is more appropriate,  will not cause slip or other mistakes.

    For example: surgical treatment, often use surgical blades, tweezers, scissors medical staff.

    You can choose the right gloves according to your own needs to better protect your hands.

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