Nitrile gloves are suitable for what industry!(2)
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Nitrile gloves are suitable for what industry!(2)

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    Today Gusiie is here to tell you what industry nitrile gloves are suitable for!

    Catering industry: Nitrile gloves are comfortable and suitable for long time wearing. They are ideal for food processing and food service. Of course, PVC and PE gloves are standby options, but only suitable for light and short time operation.

    Packers: Packaging is at the end of the processing process and also subject to food safety regulations. In addition, wearing gloves can prevent fingerprints from ruining the cleanliness of the package.

    Maintenance workers: Maintenance workers often come into contact with grease, oil and other solvents while servicing machinery and vehicles. Disposable nitrile gloves can protect their hands.

    Printers: Printing plants use chemicals to produce labels and other printed materials. These chemicals often include lotions, inks, oxidants, and various solvents. Disposable gloves prevent chemicals from harming workers' health, such as nervous system damage caused by infiltration into the skin. Given the damage caused by these chemicals, nitrile gloves are a must.


    Sanitation workers: These workers wear gloves to protect themselves from chemicals in cleaning products and to protect themselves from pathogens  when cleaning bathrooms. Nitrile gloves are commonly used by such workers because of their ability to combat harmful chemicals.

    Security personnel: These personnel are required to wear gloves when performing security checks to prevent cross-infection when they come into contact with security personnel.

    Hair industry: Nitrile gloves are comfortable and suitable for long time wearing. They are also ideal for hair industry to avoid chemical irritation and damage to the skin.

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