Nitrile gloves are suitable for what industry!(1)
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Nitrile gloves are suitable for what industry!(1)

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    Today Gusiie is here to tell you what industry nitrile gloves are suitable for!

    Laboratory personnel: Nitrile glove is comfortable, stable and has excellent chemical resistance to avoid chemical irritation and injury to the skin. It is an excellent choice for laboratory personnel.

    Child care: Daycare workers wear gloves as a protective barrier between themselves and the children. Employees should wear gloves when changing diapers, cleaning rooms, washing toys and feeding children to prevent cross-infection.

    Emergency care: As a barrier between the wearer and the patient, this is another important use area for gloves. Disposable nitrile examination gloves, which are latex-free and non-allergenic, are an excellent choice for first responders to combat blood, pathogens and other diseases during emergency care.

    Assembly line workers, assembly workers, and manufacturing workers: Workers dealing with hazardous chemicals, such as lead in battery manufacturing plants, need to wear gloves while working. Nitrile gloves are the best choice in this case because nitrile is made from synthetic rubber that has excellent chemical resistance. In addition, nitrile gloves are more comfortable to wear, and the gloves stick closer to the hand as they come into contact with body temperature, thus providing better handling sensitivity.

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