Nitrile Diamond Gloves Used in The Auto Repair Industry.
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Nitrile Diamond Gloves Used in The Auto Repair Industry.

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    In the auto repair industry, we often find that auto repair workers usually wear good oil proof nitrile gloves to protect their hands, rather than the current popularity of more latex gloves, why is this?

    Although latex gloves are common protective gloves, good elasticity, comfortable stick hand, more firm than PE, PVC gloves, also has a certain degree of puncture resistance and tear resistance. But when it comes to sharp, sharp parts under the hood of a car, the latex glove breakage is not so good. If you continue to use damaged gloves, oil stains and chemicals will invade your hands from the damaged area and will not protect them as well as they should.

    Nitrile gloves have puncture resistance and tear resistance 3-5 times that of latex gloves, more durable than latex gloves, not easy to damage. Strong elasticity, compared with latex, long time wearing will not have tension, more favored by auto repair workers.

    In terms of oil resistance, nitrile gloves are better at preventing permeability and can resist a wider variety of chemicals, especially against grease mixtures, than latex gloves.

    Nitrile gloves have low protein content and are not easy to cause allergies. Auto repair workers who are allergic to latex can also wear them safely.

The excellent characteristics of nitrile gloves make them more suitable for the auto repair industry, and there is a trend of gradually replacing latex gloves.

    GUSIIE Protection is here to remind you to use gloves sparingly and not extravagantly!

Being one of the most professional suppliers of disposable gloves in China, we are devoted ourselves to the safe products and best service.



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