Knowledge of safety gloves
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Knowledge of safety gloves

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    Whether it is natural latex gloves, nitrile gloves or other safety protective gloves, you must encounter some small doubts in the whole process of today we will take you to deal with this doubt, master more knowledge about safety protective gloves!

01. Wet hands difficult to wear gloves

    Some people say that water is lubricating fluid. Why is it difficult to put on gloves when your hands are wet?

    Water is the lubricant of the body, but if there's water on the top of the hand, the atmospheric pressure will affect the part between the hand and the glove that has water,the greater the positive pressure, the greater the drag required to get rid of sliding friction.

    So if you want to wear gloves quickly and easily, don't wear them when your hands are wet or sweaty.

02. The thickness difference of safety protective gloves

    There are different thickness of many safety protective gloves, actually according to the application to place,if the place in the job sets tall, itself also tall to safety protection regulation, must choose without doubt add thick, some more solid.

    But it is not that the thicker the better, to understand that the thinner the gloves, the demand for processing technology will be higher, the thicker the gloves, the comfort of the staff will be reduced, and then harm the work efficiency of the staff.Therefore, choose the glove thickness levels should be given as a whole.


03. Nitrile gloves oil resistance than other more stronger

    Acrylonitrile gloves are made of acrylonitrile and butadiene, so they have the characteristics of both homopolymers, in which acrylonitrile components have strong optical rotation, so that the prepolymer has good solvent corrosion resistance, especially oil resistance.

    Whether natural latex gloves or vinyl gloves, they are slightly less resistant to oil than nitrile gloves.

04. the vast majority of disposable gloves do not distinguish between left and right hands.

    Generally speaking, the vast majority of disposable gloves are not points left hand and right hand to wear, unless it is medical treatment general gloves, all sterilization gloves, not only must single vice packaging, but also set points left hand and right hand.

05. Nitrile gloves are recommended to be used at room temperature

    Although the raw material of nitrile gloves can also be used normally under the standard of -10~100℃, nitrile gloves, as an object used with both hands, should be applied under the ambient temperature of normal use of the arm, so that the actual effect of safety protection will appear.

    Secondly, nitrile gloves need to be stored in the natural environment of ultra-low temperature, shade, natural ventilation and dry place to prevent dust pollution and avoid air oxidation of gloves.

06. nitrile gloves have a relatively rich color

    Nowadays, disposable gloves commonly used in the market are either milky white or dark blue, but nitrile gloves are different. They can change colors at will. This is because the compatibility mode of nitrile rubber raw materials is very good, can join a variety of rich and colorful color.

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