How to wear gloves properly?
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How to wear gloves properly?

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    How to wear gloves properly?

    1. When handling non-ready-to-eat food, hands and arms should be exposed as little as possible.

    2. Be sure to wear gloves or application equipment, such as needle-nose pliers and scraper, when handling food ingredients, except for washing fruits and vegetables.

    3. Gloves should be disposable. Disposable gloves must be thrown away when the worker is solving new daily tasks, gloves getting dirty or daily tasks interrupted.

    The application of gloves in food processing should pay attention to the following three points:

    1. The food processing industry involves a wide variety of different equipment and kitchenware, so various types of gloves are required for many positions. But no matter what kind of gloves, they need to be food grade.

2. Natural latex gloves are mainly composed of natural latex, which includes natural latex proteins. In order to prevent protein into the food and cause consumer allergy symptoms, the food industry should minimize the use of natural latex gloves.

3. In the field of food, brightly colored gloves are generally used, and they should be different from the colors of food. To prevent the gloves from splitting and falling into the ingredients should not be handled in time.

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