How to remove disposable gloves properly
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How to remove disposable gloves properly

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    Modern life, disposable gloves to use more and more common. Especially in healthcare Settings, disposable gloves play a vital role in hospital safety management, helping to reduce the risk of cross-infection between doctors and patients.

  In daily wear disposable gloves, medical staff generally pay attention to the following points:

    First of all, you should choose gloves that match your hand size. In case you choose gloves that are too tight or too loose. Too loose will make it hard to grip, too tight will make it easy to tear.

    Always prepare disposable gloves in a clean area before wearing gloves, and make sure to remove all hand jewelry and wash hands thoroughly.

    While putting on the gloves, place the glove box on a clean workbench, hold the wrist of the glove with one hand, and place the glove on the other hand until the glove reaches the fingertips, and then on the other hand. Avoid touching the outside of the glove during the whole process.

    However, medical staff often ignore the correct steps to remove disposable gloves, which virtually reduces the protective effect of gloves. Therefore, in order to truly achieve the correct protective effect, medical staff should use the following correct steps to remove disposable gloves, to ensure the health of patients and their own.

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