How to judge oneself to latex glove allergy?
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How to judge oneself to latex glove allergy?

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    Latex gloves as commonly used gloves in life, wear resistance, puncture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil and other characteristics. Latex gloves are easy to use, cold proof and heat insulation, and can prevent your hands from directly touching dirty items.In winter, wear it wash rice wash vegetables and so on, can prevent freezing and can prevent chap. Can also prevent the hand is burned or stained with oil.

    But many people react, the use of latex gloves will have itching hands, allergic symptoms, so how to judge their allergy to latex gloves?


Symptom 1 affect sexual touch dermatitis

    This is the most common. It's usually just red, itchy, dry or cracked skin on the hands,Its reason is to wash hands repeatedly with soap, cleaner, did not wipe thoroughly again, the interior after wearing the hand is airtight, causeIf it's dry, it's probably due to talcum powder inside the gloves.


    In this case, the treatment method is before wearing gloves, the liquid hand soap or detergent is rinsed clean, dry or dry hands together before wearing gloves; If the gloves are dry, the talc inside should not be too much. These measures can prevent the onset of influential dermatitis.If happen affect sexual dermatitis, avoid scratching, outside calamine lotion and antipruritic, symptoms disappear soon.



Symptom 2: Allergic touch dermatitis

    Its characteristics are 6-48 hours after the touch of latex gloves hand itching, dry skin or chapped, often accompanied by erythema or water scars, generally no significant systemic allergy symptoms.It can be a delayed anaphylaxis caused by an allergy to certain chemicals in latex gloves or chemicals attached to the glove.


    In this case, the solution ischange a type of latex gloves can continue to use, in order to prevent severe allergic reactions,  it is best to use less or not advisable.Once allergic touch dermatitis is present, oral antihistamines and hand rubbing with dermatitis lotion will subside.



Symptoms 3 latex allergic reaction

    Relatively rare. Wearing gloves normally a few minutes to present skin aglow, pruritus inside ten minutes namely, symptom is visible at whole body, often accompany reed measles, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, chest burst, palpitation etc.Severe cases can present dyspnea, tachycardia, blood pressure drop, and even anaphylactic shock, sudden death and so on.


    In this case, the solution isquickly remove gloves, wash hands repeatedly with normal saline, and go to the hospital for treatment. Those who are allergic to latex should avoid touching latex gloves and other latex products again.

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