How to buy industrial gloves?
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How to buy industrial gloves?

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    Industrial gloves can be used in a wide variety of places, such as construction sites, daily life processing, electroplating workshops, metal stamping, plastic factories, chemical plants, steel making, shipyards, electronics factories, packaging products factories, printing companies, electrical engineering, such as machinery production and restaurant canisters and most work environments.

    GUSIIE teaches you how to buy Industrial gloves

    1, industrial gloves should choose the appropriate size of gloves, if the gloves are too tight, will restrict blood flow, easy to form a sense of fatigue and discomfort; If it is too loose, it is inflexible and easy to fall off.

    2, Before each use, the appearance of industrial gloves must be carefully checked, and the gas must be blown into the glove by blowing, pinch the cuff of the glove to prevent air leakage, and check whether there will be air leakage in the glove. If the gloves do not leak, they can be used as industrial gloves. If the insulation gloves are slightly damaged, they can still be used, but a pair of gauze or leather gloves must be covered to ensure the safety of workers.

    3, there are many kinds of industrial gloves, which should be selected according to the purpose. First of all, it is necessary to define goals and then carefully select workers to avoid accidents.

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