How does medical student wear medical gloves hand small slack do?
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How does medical student wear medical gloves hand small slack do?

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    6.5 is not the smallest size for medical gloves. You can also try 6 "or 5.5".

    In addition, it also depends on the glove material you choose.

    Currently, the three most commonly used gloves on the market are latex, nitrile and PVC gloves. Among them, PVC gloves are the least fit hand type, if it is required to operate more flexible operation or to the patient for examination, it is not recommended to wear PVC gloves. Latex gloves are the softest, best fit and can be used in many situations.

    The fit of latex gloves is determined by the essential characteristics of the raw material. As we all know, latex gloves are made from natural latex, which is very environmentally friendly and very soft, so when natural latex is made into gloves, it retains its original properties.

    Because of this characteristic, latex gloves are very difficult to replace in surgery.

    Latex gloves can be divided into medical examination gloves and surgical gloves according to different use scenarios. Surgical gloves can be used in all areas of medical protection, but given the cost, latex medical examination gloves can be used at a lower cost in less demanding situations.

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