How can beauty makers protect their hands?
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How can beauty makers protect their hands?

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    In today's society, Everyone has a love of beauty. beauty salon has become a fashion trend. People hope to improve their image and become more beautiful through beauty salon products.

    Beauty salon products are mostly formulated by chemical methods, and their efficacy is the result of chemical reactions. Although they can achieve the desired effect, emulsifiers, spices, pigments, preservatives and other chemical additives in the products can cause serious hand injuries to beauty salon practitioners.

Below we together to get to know the beauty salon practitioners of occupational hazards and prevention!

    Nail polish, remover, etc. that manicurists touch are chemical reagents. It is understood that these nail products are chemical potions with a certain toxicity, long time contact will make the hand skin degreasing effect, resulting in dry skin, severe chapping. Is the most powerful ingredients in nail polish, the toxicity of benzene, formaldehyde, phthalates, followed by acetone, ethyl acetate and other organic solvents.Long-term exposure can lead to lung cancer, memory loss and more. While Lactation mother contact contains phthalates nail polish, can also cause baby adulthood, infertility infertility or impotence.

    Manicurist, at work, therefore, must want to wear a respirator, chemical protective gloves (such as rubber gloves). Before the work at the same time, the manicurist should also be in the face, hand on your bare skin, such as good segregation frost, effectively reduce the skin in the nail polish volatile chemical absorption. After work, manicurists should also wash in time to remove volatile harmful substances adsorbed on hair, skin and clothes.



    Hairdresser often contact, such as all kinds of shampoo and hair dye hair with agent are chemicals, long-term exposure to both hands could produce contact dermatitis. In recent years widespread application marcel cosmetics, there are curling agent and finalize the design agent among them, they basically contain sulfur base ethanol amine and boric acid sodium or smelly acid sodium, it is intense sensitizing agent.

    Hair dye agent mainly through direct contact and effect, so, prevention to grasp from the source, hair colorist work should develop the habit of wearing gloves, avoid direct "pollution" hands. Rinse with water immediately after using permanent hair dye.



    With the recognition of tattoo society, tattoo has gradually become a fashion word; Tattoo artists use their dexterous hands to carve beautiful patterns on the body of tattoo lovers. However, tattoos have to Pierce the skin after all, and the damage of the skin means the possibility of infection. Therefore, tattoo artists always wear disposable gloves when working, in order to prevent direct blood contact with clients and reduce the possibility of infection.

    The tattoo gloves commonly used by tattoo artists are basically disposable medical examination gloves such as latex and nitrile gloves. In recent years, black latex or nitrile gloves are rapidly becoming a trend and are favored by tattoo artists.



    Cosmetics, skin care products, essential oil is the main formula with decontamination function of surfactant, conditioner, essence, drugs, plants and benzene diamine and other dyes, these are chemical substances. It is easy for beauticians to get dermatitis on their hands when they are exposed to these irritant drugs every day. Therefore, in the beauty industry, wearing protective gloves is essential for health. Nitrile gloves have strong flexibility, can be more perfect close to the hand, is the quality choice of most beauticians.


    Hands are the densest part of capillaries and nerve endings in the human body, and they are also the part where hairdressers work the most and move the most frequently.

    Frequent hand washing and chemical contact can lead to skin diseases, and dermatitis is the most common among beauty hairdressers. Dermatitis is a debilitating and painful condition that can lead to disability in severe cases.

    Natural latex gloves as gloves of the beauty industry, is regarded as the most suitable protection chemicals and pathogens of gloves, at the same time can provide good comfort for both hands and flexibility.

    Beauty is the common pursuit of mankind, beautiful architects in creating beautiful, should also pay attention to the hand health, health beauty really do.

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