Cleaning gloves is indispensable
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Cleaning gloves is indispensable

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As China's industrial development is becoming increasingly high-tech, products are becoming increasingly sophisticated and miniaturized, and reliance on clean technology is becoming stronger and stronger. In the whole field of production, the most contact with the product is clean gloves. And clean gloves for ISO4, ISO5 or ISO6 clean room is in order to protect the product or manufacturing process, so they are not only sterile, and very clean.

Clean gloves are special gloves for operators to prevent the pollutants released by them from contaminating products and clean room environment. It is widely used in hard disk drive, microelectronics industry, semiconductor manufacturing, micro machining industry, optical industry and other manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry clean room environment.

Many enterprises in the procurement of clean gloves will wonder, how can choose a reasonable price, but also meet the requirements of the product clean gloves?



Take a look at the following questions and you may find the answers:

Why use clean gloves?

Gloves are worn to protect the health of the operator in the production process where the operating environment or the product produced may be hazardous to the operator to some extent, such as solvent procedures.

Gloves are worn for the purpose of protecting the product or the production environment when there are special requirements for the production environment in the production process. Such as ESD (electrostatic impedance) environment, high cleanliness requirements environment.


What are the principles for choosing clean gloves?

First of all, we should consider the requirements of the production product and the production environment of the product to choose the appropriate level of cleanliness gloves.

Choose gloves according to their performance specifications. According to different grades and product requirements of clean room, part or all of the following tests: FTIR test (Fourier infrared spectrum), LPC test (liquid dust particle test), NVR test (non-volatile residue test), IC test (ion test), ESD test (electrostatic discharge test).

Choose gloves from the physical characteristics of gloves, such as length and thickness of gloves, elasticity, wear convenience and flexibility, corrosion resistance and so on.


What kinds of clean gloves are commonly used?

Latex gloves have good chemical resistance. It is tolerant to most weak acids, weak bases and alcohol, and has good tolerance to aldehydes and ketones. The most common use of latex gloves is in the medical system, that is, the gloves used by surgeons, now in the clean room latex gloves can be used in such as ISO4, ISO5, ISO6 or lower levels of clean room.


Nitrile gloves are the most common and safest gloves used in clean rooms. The gloves are oil-free, additive-free and resistant to breakage. They are solvent resistant, thin and strong, and offer better finger flexibility. Nitrile gloves are characterized by their high cleanliness index and can be used in ISO5, ISO6 or higher clean rooms.


Being one of the most professional suppliers of disposable gloves in China, we are devoted ourselves to the safe products and best service.



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