Can nitrile gloves prevent static electricity?
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Can nitrile gloves prevent static electricity?

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    Nitrile gloves are antistatic, but not sufficiently insulated.

    The specifications of insulating gloves are 12KV and 5KV, both of which are rubber gloves:

    1、resistant to 5kV: it is a five-finger glove molded with insulating rubber sheet and vulcanized. Specification: length 380mm, thickness 1mm. It is suitable for use in electric power industry, industrial and mining enterprises and rural areas with general low voltage electrical equipment. When the voltage is below 1000V, it can be used as auxiliary safety protective equipment.

    2、resistant to 12 kv: with insulation piece of molded rubber vulcanization molding finger gloves, beige, brown, soft, resistant to twists and turns. Length 380mm or 350mm, thickness of 1.8mm. Suitable for electric power industry and the industrial and mining enterprises in operation high and low voltage electrical equipment.This kind of gloves in the use of more than 1000 v high voltage operation, only as a auxiliary safety protective equipment, can not contact with electrical equipment.


    Nitrile gloves: thickness 0.08mm-0.09mm, length 23cm, 30cm two kinds. Nitrile gloves were invented mainly for convenient and sensitive operation.

    Although nitrile has some insulating properties, its thickness and length are not up to the standard of insulation. And nitrile is malleable but once it cracks it's not electrically resistant at all. So choose professional insulation gloves more reliable.

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