Why can nitrile gloves yellow?
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Why can nitrile gloves yellow?

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    Must be many friends in the use of nitrile gloves, have encountered the yellow phenomenon of gloves, some friends said they have not used yellow.

    So what are the specific reasons for this phenomenon? Can yellow nitrile gloves be used again? Today by GUSIIE Xiaobian to give you detailed answers!

    1. The oxazole content in acrylonitrile exceeds the standard

First of all, we need to know that nitrile gloves are made of butadiene and acrylonitrile by emulsion polymerization. The quality of acrylonitrile will directly affect the performance of subsequent processed products.

The oxazole content in acrylonitrile is the most critical! It can not only affect the chromaticity and storage stability of acrylonitrile, but also affect the color of polymer materials after synthesis.

Therefore, in the process of making nitrile gloves, the production process of acrylonitrile should be strictly reformed, the oxazole content of acrylonitrile will be 0.007% below, and the chrominance of acrylonitrile will be reduced to 20 below, which can successfully solve the quality problem of yellow nitrile   gloves in the production process.

     2. Improper storage or too long

If nitrile gloves are left in the sun for a long time (higher than 30 degrees Celsius) or stored for a long time, they are also prone to yellow, which can lead to other aging symptoms such as brittle and sticky gloves before use.

If this happens, the performance of nitrile gloves has been greatly compromised, it is recommended not to use!

    3. Exposure to substances containing copper ions

There are many friends said that the color of the gloves that have just arrived is still normal. Why do they turn yellow while wearing them?

This is because the nitrile rubber material comes into contact with copper ions and turns yellow, which may be sweat, saliva or other heavy metals (keys, mobile phones, etc.). In general, disposable gloves with higher rubber content will have a more obvious reaction to copper ions.

    The effect on this condition is very small, and the effect on glove performance is very weak, and most of the discoloration caused by this reason is local discoloration of the contact site.

In most cases, if the gloves are not broken, they can be used again.

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